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Welcoming… Tanya Egan!


The GVA team is growing! As Volunteers Week launches today, what better way to kick-start the celebrations than by introducing our newest staff member, and dedicated volunteering champion, Tanya Egan, who joined us in May 2022. Taking up the dual roles of Go Volunteer Coordinator and Supported Volunteering Assistant, Tanya is a vital new addition to our burgeoning Community Engagement Team. To learn more about Tanya’s background, passions and many talents, please read on:

Having started her career as a chef after attending catering college, Tanya is a true ‘foodie’ with a love and great talent for cooking. However, whilst her culinary skills went from strength to strength, Tanya soon realised that her greatest joy came from seeing how happy she could make people through cooking. It was perhaps when she went on to work in a private care home in the kitchen, though, that Tanya came to find herself in her most rewarding role to-date, by helping people to achieve their goals and aspirations, no matter what age, background or barriers they faced.

This new, enriching area of work served as a stepping stone into the community care sector, where Tanya helped individuals and their families living with dementia and other life-limiting conditions, through both personal care and support work.  Here, Tanya discovered the Alzheimer’s Society, which became the start of her journey into the charity sector, and where she learned, first-hand, about the importance of being part of a community to individuals’ quality of life.

Going on to build a wealth of experience as a Volunteer Coordinator, Tanya has worked with a vast array of volunteers, and particularly enjoys training and upskilling people. She is passionate about mindfulness and finding peace and a sense of calm for wellbeing.

Tanya believes in the vital power of peer support, and has a true appreciation for the communities she belongs to, including the LGBTQ+, neurodiversity and local Gosport communities, as well the parenting breastfeeding-support communities, in more recent years.

Tanya is extremely excited to be able to support others at the heart of the Gosport community through her new Go Volunteer Coordinator and Supported Volunteering Assistant roles at Gosport Voluntary Action, and to have the opportunity to bring her vision of volunteering into action.

Understanding the trepidation and fears that some potential volunteers may have about taking on a volunteer project or role, Tanya shares her thoughts: “I honestly believe that if you have an aspiration or goal, you can achieve this, with the right support, knowledge and motivation. It took me eight attempts to pass my driving test due to anxiety, but I have now been driving for six years, and it will always be one of my greatest achievements.”

Hear, hear, Tanya! If you find comfort or motivation in Tanya’s uplifting final words, and might be interested in exploring a volunteer role that’s right for you, Tanya would love to help, so please do get in touch by sending an email to, or by calling Tanya on 02392 583836.


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