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Walking From Home! – Our May Fundraising Challenge


We know you may be missing our Walking For Health group walks, or getting outside for a walk at all if you are having to shield or in an at-risk group.  We therefore thought that a challenge that still involved walking, albeit at home or during your permitted daily exercise, might be a great way for us all to stay connected and active.  The challenge is open to all, whether or not you have been on a Walking for Health walk or not. We are also hoping that you might like to use it as an opportunity to raise some funds for our C-19 Community Response Appeal in a fun way.



We have come up with a series of target distances (in steps) based on virtual walks around Gosport. Choose the one that fits best with your circumstances; whether you’re staying at home, or getting out for your allowed exercise. Throughout the rest of May, try and reach your target, either over the course of a week, fortnight, or the rest of the month.  It could be a set distance every day for a week, or a total distance you are aiming for.

You can record your steps by using a pedometer if you have one, or by using an app to record it on your phone/watch. Participants using wheelchairs can use one of the mapping apps that tracks distance instead of steps. There are free apps you can use including:

  • Fitbit app mobile tracker (fitbit not required)
  • Map My Walk App
  • Strava on your phone

Alternatively, you could give your mathematical skills a workout by counting or calculating your progress yourself!  You might do this by mapping out a room or your garden based on the distance/number of steps, and doing laps.

We would love for you to promote your target and ask your friends and family to sponsor you to reach your goal. They can donate via Facebook or our Good Exchange page at although there is no obligation to do so.  No contribution is too small to make a real difference to Gosport residents in need.



We are missing our walking community and walks, and we know you are too.  This is one way of engaging the community, and involving everyone. So, whether you’re new to walking or not, young or old and everyone in between, we would love to hear about your target and how you are hoping to achieve it. It can include walking around your living room, doing housework, gardening, exercise classes, or a walk from home.

Importantly: remember to always adhere to the current guidelines from the Government on how often, how long, who you can walk with and where you are allowed to walk. We’ve called it Walking From Home for this reason, which includes Walking AT Home. The target distances are not indicating where you should walk, just the equivalent distance it would be if you were following this route. 


Target Distances:


So, you could aim to walk the equivalent of Stokes Bay seafront every day for a week, or you could aim to walk the equivalent of walking around Gosport over a week/two weeks. If you are getting out every day for your daily exercise, you might want to aim to walk around the Isle of Wight over the rest of the month, or create your own combining the shorter distance walks.  The choice is yours.


Want to take part? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Decide on the target you are aiming for, and over what time frame.
  2. Share your target with us on the Facebook Gosport Walking for Health page, or email us at
    You can download a log sheet here to print off and keep track of your steps/distance.
    You can also add a frame to your profile picture on Facebook- just click on your profile picture, add frame and then search for Gosport Walking From Home.
  3. If you’d like to, start a fundraiser on our Good Exchange page, click here: Gosport COVID-19 Community Response Fund, then click on ‘Become a Fundraiser’ and then share the link with friends and family to sponsor you. Alternatively, you can go to the same page and click ‘Donate’ to make a donation.
    Or you can start a fundraiser for GVA on Facebook Donate.
  4. Let us know how you get along via our Facebook page/email, so that you can be added to our #WalkingFromHome virtual congratulations board.
  5. Please share the challenge on your social media, and with friends and family to get them involved too.

Let’s stay active, stay in touch and stay strong.

Please note: You take part at your own risk, and GVA cannot be held liable for any injury sustained from taking part. You must abide by current Government restrictions on exercise and social distancing at all times. This is not part of the Ramblers Walking for Health Scheme. #staysafe

Please email any questions to


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