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Ukraine Crisis Response Updates (Charity Guidelines and Meeting Invitation)


1. UK Government Releases Guidance for Charities and Trustees

Gosport Voluntary Action has been greatly moved by the many acts of kindness from community groups, businesses and residents across Gosport, in support of the people of Ukraine during the ongoing conflict.

We’re also highly aware that many people are still eager and anxious to do more to help, yet with the situation on the ground in Ukraine rapidly changing from day to day, and with so many charities acting in parallel and aiming to contribute in their own way, it can often feel confusing and overwhelming as to where best to direct our time or resources in response to the crisis.

To help local communities coordinate efforts as cohesively, effectively and transparently as possible, the UK government has released official guidance for charities and trustees responding to the crisis in Ukraine, available online here:

If you are a local charity, community group or Trustee currently seeking guidance on how best to focus your attention in the midst of the devastating situation in Ukraine, we hope you find the information above helpful.

2. Meeting invitation for local community groups (in support of the Homes for Ukraine Scheme)

Gosport Voluntary Action would like to invite local community groups for an initial collaboration meeting on support to households (in Gosport Borough) wishing to offer accommodation to refugees from Ukraine under the government scheme:

A similar forum has been set up in Basingstoke, and we are working county-wide with fellow CVS partners in sharing best practice and advice.

This meeting is open to local community groups, faith-based organisations, local government and health officials.

Time: Wednesday, 30th March 2022, 10.30 AM

We know everyone wants to support and help in the current situation, so hopefully this opportunity will allow people to collaborate their activity.

If interested, please email: for details of how to attend.

Gosport Voluntary Action is continuing to monitor the situation in Ukraine closely, and will be in touch with further updates regarding community response approaches and opportunities in Gosport in due course.

#StandwithUkraine #StrongerTogether #BringingGosportTogether

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