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Local Grants Awarded Thanks To Gosport Lottery Players!


Thanks to players of the Gosport Community Lottery, £7,215 has been awarded in grants to Gosport good causes, via the Gosport Community Fund.

Seven grants in total were awarded and Ian Reeves, Chair of Gosport Voluntary Action who manage the lottery, said: “the Community Grants are made possible by the fantastic support the Lottery continues to receive. All the grant applications received were very well made and it is great to be able to support these good causes as they are try restart their work in 2021”

Gosport Borough Cricket Club have been awarded a grant to start the “Privett’s Pavilion Potato Project – the Good Spud Club”.  Their aim is to help get communities more engaged with growing their own fruit and vegetables and learning more about cooking and preparing healthy food from scratch.  This project will be a fun introduction to that, linking people across the Borough with one focus – to grow a ‘good spud’.  The project will involve local schools, nurseries, Abri, the crickect club and members of the Gosport Food Partnership.

Friends of Hardway will be using their grant to install a bespoke remembrance bench on the Hardway memorial site. Having a dedicated and attractive graphic bench appropriately sited on the memorial site will allow residents and visitors to reflect on the history of the area and provide a constant reminder to the memory of our armed forces who departed from Hardway on 6th June 1944.

David Marshall, Chair of Friends of Hardway said: “We have set ourselves numerous challenges to improve the local area and in particular the Hardway Commemorative Green. Hardway witnessed the deployment of thousands of troops on D-Day 6th June 1944 and continued supporting the allied forces throughout Operation Overlord. The grant from the Gosport Community Lottery will be used to purchase a decorative memorial bench which will be placed on the green and inscribed ‘In memory of the brave Allied Forces personnel who deployed from Hardway”. We hope this bench will reinforce the important role Hardway played leading up to and beyond D-Day and the ultimate sacrifice paid by those servicemen and women who did not return. We plan to have the memorial bench in place for the 77th Anniversary of D-Day.”

Gosport Dolphins Swimming Club will be using their grant to get their youngest swimmers back in the pool learning to swim and boosting their water confidence, once it is safe to do so. During the past few months, the club has seen an increase in families struggling with jobs, finances etc and not having the youngest swimmers back learning to swim has added to family pressures. The grant will help ease financial pressures as they start up again when possible.

Lee Hub is setting up an Independent Community Library and this grant will be used to enable them to fund supportive equipment/aids for those with impairments.  For example, Hearing Loops for all Lee Hub spaces, wireless earphones for talks, films and events; magnifier units, tape players (Cassettes) & USB (Play-away) listening devices for USB Stories and wheelchair(s) for use by visitors with mobility challenges.

Marvels and Meltdowns Support families affected by Autism, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorders.  The grant will be used to fund training for volunteers in Food Hygiene, Safeguarding and First Aid to provide the community with the peace of mind that their children and families are in safe hands. Volunteers who are trained in these courses will be able to demonstrate a greater understanding of their role within the charity and the community as a whole.

Gosport Borough Hockey Club bring people together and build strong relationships in and across communities they will use their grant to help with the safe return of field hockey when current coronavirus restrictions are eased to share their passion for an outdoor sport that is often overlooked.

Gosport Allotment Holders Association has over 300 members who benefit directly from their activities and provide benefits to non-members who participate at shows and plant sales and from produce/plants at any public events.  The grant will be used to install a Poly Tunnel which will dual purpose as a training room in cooler or inclement weather and then for cultivation of crops under cover during peak growing season and will also extend the growing season.

Jim More, Chair of the Allotment Holders, said: “Heartfelt thanks to all Gosport Community Lottery Players who have allowed GVA Grants Fund to make an award to the Growing in Gosport project. With this funding we will provide a Poly Tunnel that will, subject to the latest COVID restrictions, provide an indoor classroom when the weather is cold or wet and a nursery that will provide plants to allotment plotholders through plant sales. The growing project is about helping people to find their green fingers and you will definitely help us to do that. Thank you.”

The Gosport Community Fund distributes grants from the funds raised through the Gosport Community Lottery, which was launched in July 2018. For each £1 ticket players purchase, 40p is paid directly to Gosport good causes and 20p is held in the Gosport Community Fund, which awards grants annually.

The lottery is already making a real difference to the local community. An amazing 160,684 tickets have been purchased since the launch in July 2018 and over £90,000 has already been raised for Gosport’s good causes. Each week players have a 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize which range from 3 free tickets to the £25,000 jackpot!

If you would like to find out more about playing the lottery or becoming a good cause, please visit or contact Gosport Voluntary Action on 02392 583836


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