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Dustbusters Giving the Gift of Christmas Cheer


Here’s Maggie spreading the Christmas cheer to her Dustbuster client Mrs F, by working while dressed as a reindeer! Maggie has been a self-employed Dustbuster with GVA’s domestic cleaning service for almost 10 years, and this has become a Christmas tradition, bringing a smile to the faces of all who experience a reindeer undertaking the housework (including us here in the office – thank you Maggie!). Maggie has also been several other Christmas characters, including Olaf the snowman and an elf. Mrs F gave us some wonderful feedback on the difference it makes to have Maggie attend weekly:

“One hundred percent it keeps me going having Maggie in weekly. She helps me with all the physical stuff around the home that I now find so difficult. Getting things in and out of high places and cupboards that I can’t get to. I can no longer cope with going to busy shops, so she kindly picks me up any items I’m unable to get. She is so easy to get on with; we’ve made great friends and I would be lost without her. Without Maggie, I would not still be living in my own home, put it that way. She is the house Angel!”

Maggie is a model Dustbuster, always going that extra mile or more. During the first lockdown in March, Maggie went as far as Havant to find her clients some toilet rolls when everywhere was sold out. She is so willing to accommodate the needs of others and has saved the day many of times for so many clients with her flexibility. She regularly helps out with last minute covers, ensuring people still get their service, and ultimately ensured that many Dustbuster clients had their essentials during such a difficult time. We think her next costume should be superwoman! But then, as the saying goes, not all heroes wear capes!

This is what Maggie has to say about her Dustbusters experience: “No two days are ever the same. It’s great to hear people’s personal experiences of things I’ve only read about in history books. Listen to your clients and take an interest in them; sometimes you might be their only regular visitor. It’s such a nice feeling to know that you’re doing something worthwhile and helping to keep them in their own home as long as possible. Be a friend to them; it’s very rewarding.”

If this if the level of job satisfaction you’re looking for, then we want to hear from you! Learn more about Dustbusters at or get in touch on


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