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Gosport Timebank


Would you like to share a skill with the Gosport community? Join the new Gosport Timebank and you can contribute to the development of a network of people who donate their time and can then receive help if they need it themselves.

What is the Timebank?

Timebanking @ GVA is Gosport Voluntary Action’s new Timebank project and is kindly supported by the Trash Café and Graham Freer. It is a way for people to help others in the community and be rewarded for it – in time. For every hour of time you give helping someone, you receive on time credit.

How does the Timebank work?

  • For one hour you spend helping someone you will earn – 1 Time Credit.
  • Everyone’s time is valued equally – You give an hour and you get an hour back.
  • You may have needs, but feel you can offer nothing back – Get in touch, we can still help you.
  • Your Time Credits will be banked on a computer for you to spend them when you need them.
  • You don’t have to earn Time Credits before you spend them – You can ask for help from day one.
  • you can donate some of your Time Credits to others who might need extra help.
  • There’s no catch involved.


Who can join the Timebank?

Anyone 18+ can join! Ability, lack of finance or limited mobility are not barriers to participating in the Timebank. You could also help someone else take part in the Timebank.

What skills can be shared?

You can share any skill you have from shoe shining to craft skills to languages! Here are some ideas:

Is there something else you need help with? Is there something else you can offer to  help others – please contact us and let us know!

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Find out more

Please contact Sue or Heather to find out more or join the timebank on or 02392 604694.

You can also visit our page on Timebanking UK or connect on facebook @timebankingGVA


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