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Gosport Community Lottery

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Gosport Community Lottery

Fundraising Opportunity

Gosport Community Lottery is a fun and effective way for your good cause to raise funds. Joining is easy and FREE. Send your supporters to your very own Gosport Community Lottery page and collect 40% of all ticket sales made!

Funds will be transferred into your organisation’s bank account every month. Smaller organisations may also be eligible to apply for funding through the central fund (20% of ticket sales).

All supporters will get the chance to win prizes of up to £25,000 for just £1 per week. Every ticket has a 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize every week! That’s better than the National Lottery and the Health Lottery.

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How it works

  1. Sign up and get your own Gosport Community Lottery page
    No set up costs or admin fees – just fill in our simple online form and once we’ve checked everything over, we’ll set you up with your very own lottery page.
  2. Send supporters to your page
    Shout out to your supporters, get them to buy tickets from your page.
    Remember they could win up to £25,000!
  3. Keep 40% of all ticket sales from your page
    You keep 40% of every ticket sold on your page. Another 20% of every ticket sold goes to a central fund, where smaller organisations can apply for funding grants.
    Your funds are sent direct to your account every month.
    No administration, no fees – just a great way to raise money for your cause.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. No fees, no administration, no hassle. All you need to do is shout about the Gosport Community Lottery to your supporters and community. To find out more or sign up please see the Gosport Community Lottery website.


Resources and Links

Gosport Community Lottery Website – Sign up here

PowerPoint – Good Cause Launch (Powerpoint)

PowerPoint – Good Cause Launch (PDF)

Gosport Community Lottery -Good Cause Information Pack

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It’s a win-win situation when you play the Gosport Community Lottery!

Sign up and support a good cause today, and not only will you be in with the chance of winning weekly cash prizes of up to £25,000, but – if you enter before 25th March 2023 – you’ll also be in with the chance of winning a trip to Center Parcs…. all for just £1 a week!

A sporty break? A relaxing weekend in the forest? Quality family time? Whatever a holiday means to you, you could be making the most of springtime at Center Parcs – and supporting a good cause too!

Gosport Community Lottery is a lottery for the people, by the people. It’s a fun way to help good causes without giving up precious time.

Tickets cost just £1 in the weekly draw, and you can choose exactly which good cause you’d like your money to go to. More of your money goes to your chosen cause than with any other major lottery – you can see the exact breakdown, where every penny goes, on the Gosport Community Lottery website.

Unlike larger lotteries, the majority of your ticket purchase comes back into the community AND the odds of winning a prize are much better, at an amazing 50:1. It really is a win-win: even if you don’t win a cash prize, you can be content in the knowing that you are making a real difference!

Since its launch, the Gosport Community Lottery has raised thousands of pounds for small charities, so why not join in? To find out which good causes you can support, and buy a ticket today, please visit the Gosport Community Lottery website.


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