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Community Spirit Allotment

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Gardening schemes are becoming increasingly popular in communities where access to green space is limited, often because of location, accessibility or social or economic barriers. It is widely recognised that spending time in green space or bringing nature into everyday life can benefit both mental and physical wellbeing. Taking part in activities such as growing food or flowers, exercising outdoors or being around animals can have proven positive effects.

Community Spirit members have volunteered weekly to help maintain the allotment of a local community group over the past two years. This is one of the activities that is most popular amongst members. The group have also been learning about the health benefits and environmental impact of growing and eating their own produce. In order to expand on this activity, Community Spirit have recently attained their own allotment plot.

Aims & Objectives

The aim of the Community Spirit allotment project is to improve the health outcomes of group members by increasing outdoor activity, learning about growing produce and cooking healthy meals.


  1. Design an allotment that is accessible
  2. Facilitate access to outdoor space to improve mental and physical wellbeing
  3. Promote the environmental benefits of growing your own food
  4. Educate members on the importance of healthy eating
  5. Address local food poverty by donating fresh produce

Outputs & Activities

  1. Seasonal maintenance of the allotment plot
  2. Planning, growing and maintaining an edible garden
  3. Developing healthy recipes, and learning to cook them
  4. Reducing waste and donating produce not used by members
  5. Upskilling members to follow simple, affordable recipes using fresh produce


The Community Spirit allotment is located at the Middlecroft Allotment site on Middlecroft Lane, Gosport, PO12 3EA.


The allotment will be managed by Gosport Voluntary Action, and the project lead will be Lucy Coates, GVA’s Supported Volunteering Co-ordinator. Volunteers will be vital to the success of the project as they will undertake much of the day-to-day running of the allotment and support Community Spirit members when accessing the plot. We are looking for Gardening Support Volunteers who can accompany
Community Spirit members with additional support needs, and help them to access the allotment. Gardening Support Volunteers will play a critical role in sharing gardening knowledge and helping to build the members’ confidence in visiting the plot, undertaking tasks and socialising with other members and volunteers whilst at the allotment.


Once the allotment is established, Gosport Voluntary Action will undertake targeted community outreach activities in order to extend the benefits of the project for Community Spirit members and the wider community.

Community Spirit have partnered with Churches Together in Gosport to support their Heart For The Homeless initiative by supplying them with fresh produce grown on the allotment, which will be used towards healthy meals for people experiencing homelessness in the local area.
Community Spirit will also work with local students to learn about the importance of growing and eating fresh produce. They will work together to produce and practice easy-to-follow, affordable and healthy recipes, using the produce grown on the plot.


Downloadable version of Community Spirit allotment project proposal.


For more information about the Community Spirit allotment project, please contact:


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