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Bringing Gosport Together

Upcoming Bringing Gosport Together (BGT) dates:

Bringing Gosport Together NETWORKING events:

  • Wednesday, 17th January 2024, 12pm to 14.00pm
    • Venue: Nimrod Community Centre, 17 Falcon Meadow Ways, Gosport PO13 8AA

At Gosport Voluntary Action, we’re motivated and inspired by the many local, community and voluntary organisations working hard each day to improve the lives of residents in the local Borough of Gosport.

As an independent membership organisation currently supporting more than 200 organisations, we know that we are all stronger by working together. Following a particularly challenging couple of years dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic – and ahead of an array of exciting anniversaries and events set to take place in 2022 and beyond at the local and national level – Gosport Voluntary Action is eager to turn the page and embark upon a new chapter… a chapter in which local, community-driven individuals and groups from all sectors come together for discussion and exchange, with the common goal of making a positive difference to Gosport Borough residents.

The Bringing Gosport Together (BGT) Network is a bi-monthly networking event that brings together local voluntary, community and faith-based organisations, as well as businesses, public services and community champions to connect, share best practices and work together on local initiatives.

Upcoming BGT Networking meeting

  • When: Wednesday 17th January 2023, 12 – 14:00
  • Where: Nimrod Community Centre, 17 Falcon Meadow Ways, Gosport PO13 8AA, Coombe Road, Gosport PO12 4JB
  • Register online here

So whether you’re a GVA member, or simply a Gosport-based group, business or organisation with a community-led mission or an interest in making a difference for local people, we’d love it if you could join us!

Everyone is welcome, so please come along for the chance to meet like-minded individuals, and to share ideas and proposals for helping to build a stronger, healthier and happier community in Gosport – together!

Register for the event here.

For queries or more information, please contact Jacky Charman, our Community Engagement Manager, on  or give us a call on 0239​2 60 4690.

Introducing… The Bringing Gosport Together Marketing Forum!

Register for the Marketing Forum here

Upcoming BGT Marketing Forum meeting: TBC

Sharing marketing best practice for non-profit organisations in Gosport

Navigating how to best raise awareness and communicate about your non-profit organisation? Come meet experts and others in the same boat!

This marketing forum is a new community peer support and learning group being formed as part of the Bringing Gosport Together initiative by Gosport Voluntary Action (GVA). Our goal is to provide a regular lunch meeting for those in local non-profit organisations to come together to learn, share and collaborate. Find out what the experts recommend and what is working from peers when it comes to letting people know about your work!

Is it for me?

The Bringing Gosport Together initiative is for local business, charity, faith-based or VCSE sector organisations. The forum is not intended for commerical organisations and is a non-sales environment for peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge.

What’s the format?

It is expected that the meetings will adapt to feedback and the needs of members over time. PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE !

The meetings will be formed of a mixture of the below activities:

  • Presentation by expert speaker (10 minutes)
  • Q&A or Workshop Sessions (20 minutes)
  • Informal Networking. (20 minutes)
  • What should I bring?

Only tea, coffee and water will be provided. You are welcome to bring your own lunch or sandwiches to the event (for example if you are attending during your lunch break) however this is entirely optional. You may find it useful to bring paper and pen to make notes, depending on the session handouts may be available or provided by email after the event.

Founding Members/Organisers:

  • Nick Van de Weyer – MCIM Marketing Consultant at The Hovercraft Museum, Lee Hub Independent Community Library & Repair Café Gosport
  • David Marks – IT Professional, Founder and Coordinator of Repair Café Gosport
  • Chris Kerrison – Social Media Power Admin, Web Lead at Gosport Heritage Open Days

If you’d like to join us to learn and share your non-profit marketing top tips, please hop on over to our Eventbrite page to register your details here.

Register for the Marketing Forum here

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